How to unfollow /follow someone on Pinterest 

How to unfollow someone

To unfollow on Pinterest you need to go to your profile
and click on the “Following” section, and select “Pinners”
if it’s a person you want to unfollow, you can also un-
follow a Topic or a board. If you are following someone
you are also following all its boards and if you don’t
want to unfollow someone but you don’t like some of the
content that person post, you can unfollow and specific
board from that pinner. This boards will not appear on
the “Boards” you are following, that’s because you are
not following some boards, you are following the person.

How to follow someone

To follow a pinner you just click the red “Follow”
button, if you are checking a pin you can see who
pinned this on the bottom of the image below the
description. If someone if following you and you want
follow it, go to your profile and on top of the page
below your profile picture you will find the “followers”
section and click the “follow” red button next to the
person you want to follow.